Cutting Torch Guides

Cutting Torch Guide Attachments

The manufacturers of our cutting guides have decades on the job, and they know how to make a perfect cut, every time, in any angle and situation.

Our straight-edge cutting guides used in combination provide guidance for a cut up to four feet in length, anchored by heavy-duty magnets. And whether on pipe of any diameter or on flat plate, whether you need a bolt hole or a circle 30" in diameter, we have the perfect addition to the toolkit of the master metalworker. As you're laying out your project, our magnetic angle guide can act as both guide and protractor, and our circle layout and burning guide can be mounted with both soapstone and your torch for the most accurate cut possible.

High-quality cutting torch guides lead to consistent cuts and greater working efficiency, so your workflow isn't compromised by trying to work around a tricky situation or by constant maintenance. An assortment of long-lasting, tough-built cutting guides is an investment in your craftsmanship that can't be replicated or beat.

We have guides custom-built for plasma torches, designed with the necessary cutting distances in mind for precision, parallel cuts. For the jobs where plasma won't do the trick, our oxy-acetylene attachments for cutting lines and circles can power through any cut. And several of our tools, such as our heavy-duty magnetic cutting guides, can be used with any torch.

In making proper fittings, precision is your #1 priority, and that makes it ours—because a tool that does a job halfway is worth nothing. Each cutting guide is built for accuracy, durability, and practical use—so you have a tool that makes your job easier and comes through when you need it.

The highest quality of work requires the highest quality of skill and equipment—you provide half that equation, and we'll do the rest.