11 Easy Beginner Welding Projects

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Welding is not just for professionals working in the manufacturing industry. It is also a great hobby for anyone who wants to repair or build things for fun and recreation. Welding projects can help welders of any skill level increase their knowledge and understanding of techniques, fundamentals, and skills. Whether you are just getting started or have been welding for quite some time, here are 11 beginner welding projects that anyone can do.

1. Car Creeper

Getting underneath a car safely can be a challenge. However, if you have some welding skills, you can make a car creeper in less than three days so you can move around underneath a car with ease. All that is needed are some pipes, plywood, casters, and knowledge of basic ARC welding techniques.

outdoor fireplace welding project

2. Outdoor Fireplace

One great project that most beginners will find interesting and useful is an outdoor fireplace. This project requires very little skill, excellent attention to detail, and a good working knowledge of MIG, TIG, and ARC welding basics. Materials include steel sheets, steel rods, and a plasma cutter. It may take up to two days to complete.

3. Barbecue Pit

Who couldn’t use a homemade barbecue pit? Save money and time by making your own barbecue pit with your welding skills. This is a very simple welding project in which you can weld together some metal sheets and bars, and you can place your completed project in the backyard or patio area. Since this project is something that will help to adorn your home and patio, TIG welding techniques and supplies are necessary.

4. Storage Rack

Creating a storage rack is a great idea for any welder who likes to use an MIG welder. This project requires a little bit of skill, creativity, and space. Once it’s complete, you can place it anywhere in your home or garage where you need some additional storage space.

metal security door welding project

5. Screen or Security Door

Use your new hobby to enhance your home’s security by welding a screen or security door. You can use a variety of metals, depending on how strong and sturdy you want your new screen door to be. You should keep the overall appearance of the door in mind as well. To give your screen door a high-quality look and finish, use TIG welding tools.

6. Entry Gates

This project is for the welder who has a little time on his or her hands and wants to construct something that will enhance a home’s value and curb appeal while showing off welding skills. Weld together wrought iron or aluminum bars to create entry gates. For this project, you’ll need aluminum bars or ornamental wrought iron and MIG welding tools.

wine bottle holder welding project

7. Wine Bottle Holder

Wine-loving welders will love making their very own wine bottle holders. All that is needed is a thick chain, empty wine bottle, and welding equipment. Of course the materials and welding technique really depend on how you design the wine bottle holder. Most beginners can get by using their ARC and TIG welding supplies and skills to create a perfectly stunning and useful wine bottle holder.

8. Barbecue Smoker

This project is for the more advanced beginners who want to test their welding skills. Creating a barbecue smoker does require a good investment of time, steel materials, and a lot of space, but the reward and finalized project are well worth it.

coat rack welding project

9. Coat Rack

If you’re looking for some extra room for your coats and jackets, you can weld together your very own coat rack. All you’ll need are some steel components and your welding supplies. Use an MIG welder to give the coat rack a professional look and to smooth out any rough edges to keep your coats and clothes from snagging.

10. Truck Bumper Kit

This is a favorite beginner welding project for many teens and truck enthusiasts. It is very simple, easy, and can be put to good use immediately afterwards. Weld a truck bumper to give any vehicle some extra protection and a more rugged appearance. An MIG and a TIG welder are needed.

garden trellis beginner welding project blueprints

11. Garden Trellis

Make a garden trellis for all of your vine and climbing plants using your welding skills. The design and size of your project will determine if you should use MIG, TIG, or ARC welding tools.

With the right welding tools, a little creativity, and the right design, anyone can create these stunning projects and more in their own backyard.

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