Multi-Use Magnetic Angle Burning Guide

$ 99.95
SKU // ABG750

Product Overview

Multi-Use Magnetic Angle Burning Guide ABG750 - Flange Wizard Tools

The 70001 Angle Burning Guide with magnetic base can be used with conventional oxy-fuel, or plasma torch systems to assist in making angle and straight cuts.

Featuring a New On/Off Switchable Magnet

  • The tool can also be used as a protractor or multi-angle tri-square.
  • The top guide will hold any standard square as well as most straight edges.
  • The base is equipped with strong magnets located on the back for cutting straight lines and angles.
  • In addition a strong magnet is placed on the bottom for giving stability when using the tool as a tri-square.
  • Protective carrying case p/n 8903 can be ordered separately (16" x 6" x 3")

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cutting rail?
Standard length is 16" long.

What material is the cutting rail?
Stainless steel.

Is the base magnetic?
Yes! It has one 90 lb. on/off magnet.

NOTE: You can order cutting rail extensions with magnetic blocks.

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