Plasma Wiz with Bushing

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Product Overview

Plasma Wiz with Bushing 30061 - Flange Wizard Tools

NOTE: See the Plasma Bushing Chart to find the correct size to order.

Learn How to Use the Plasma Wiz

The Flange Wizard Plasma Wiz assists in cutting holes from 5/8" to 8" in diameter. The tool is designed to make hole cutting jobs in steel and nonferrous metals a snap with your plasma torch.

  • Pick the busing that fits your plasma torch head, adjust the pivot pin for proper height, move it along the hex bar to set your radius and lock it in place with the thumb screw.
  • A center punch mark will hold pointed pivot pin in place.
  • The tool gives you a steady hand for cutting precise circles.

Choosing the Correct Bushing Size

measuring the plasma bushing size

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my Plasma Torch?
YES! But you must order the proper bushing to fit your torch.

What size holes will it cut?
From 5/8" to 8" diameter.

Will it cut straight lines?
NO! It is designed to cut circles only. If you need to cut straight lines, you should order the PG-601.

What is part number and length of hex arm?
Part number 3311-S is the short 5/16" Hex Arm. It is 5-1/2" long.

Is an extension available?
Yes. Part number 3311-EX adds 15" to circle diameter (60" diameter).

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