Plasma Cutting Guide with Bushing - PG-601 - Flange Wizard

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Plasma Cutting Guide with Bushing by Flange Wizard Tools

NOTE: See the Plasma Bushing Chart to find the correct size to order.

Learn How to Use the Plasma Cutting Guide

The PG-601 Plasma Cutting Guide is a must for every tradesmen who uses a plasma cutting torch. Pick the right bushing for your plasma, adjust the tool for the hole size you need and It will cut circles from 5/8" up to 36" in diameter.

  • The versatile Plasma Cutting Guide cuts straight lines and irregular shapes utilizing the wheels included with the tool.
  • Giving the operator a steady hand, the Plasma Cutting Guide gives the operator precise control.
  • Wheels can be removed when cutting holes 5/8" to 8" in diameter.

Accessories: 15-1/2" Extension hex arm (p/n 3311-EX) is available for larger jobs. Magnetic Base (ferrous plate) with Suction Cups (non-ferrous plate) (p/n 77350) serves as an extra stabilizer when cutting large holes.

Choosing the Correct Bushing Size

measuring the plasma bushing size

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