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Product Overview

Pocket Pro Level PP-200 - Flange Wizard Tools

The Flange Wizard Pocket Pro Level PP-200 is one of the finest levels available in the welding industry - heavy duty, it is designed to give years of quality service.

  • Extra strong magnets hold it firmly to any steel surface.
  • Two stationery vials placed at 90° angles of each other can be read from any surface of the level.
  • A 360° adjustable dial allows you to capture any other angle in 2.5° increments.
  • The dial is manufctured with spring tension for smooth operation.
  • If vials are damaged, just remove them and replace with a new one (VIAL REPAIR KIT p/n 5102 includes 2 vials and a tube of sealant).
  • On the back side of the tool is a ROOF PITCH/LEVEL DEGREES scale for easy referencing.
  • The Pocket Pro is machined from aluminum and anodized for a protective finish.
  • Size is 2" wide x 10" long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the degree dial be repaired?
YES! You can purchase replacement vials (part number 5111) or Vial Repair Kit (part number 5102) or purchase a Degree Dial w/vial (part number 1711).

How strong are the magnets?
There are two magnets, both with the total approximate holding power of 35 lbs.

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