Degree Level

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Product Overview

Degree Level L-2 - Flange Wizard Tools

L-2 Shirt pocket size (1-1/2" x 2-3/8" x 5/8" thick) degree dial level makes it easy to establish angles, set tanks, layout keyways and measure decline or slope.

  • The level body is permanently marked in 2.5° increments and numbered every 10 degrees.
  • It has strong magnets in the base for easy hands-off use and can even hold the end of a tape measure for solo use.
  • Great level for getting angles on hard to reach pipe or structural steel details.
  • On the back side of the tool is a PITCH/LEVEL DEGREES scale for easy referencing.
  • Tool is machined from aluminum and anodized for a protective finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this tool used for?
It's a small shirt pocket level, great for working in difficult to reach places in the field. The dial is 360 degrees in 2-1/2 degree increments. This tool comes highly recommended by the automotive industry.

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