Vial Repair Kit

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Product Overview

Vial Repair Kit 5102 - Flange Wizard Tools

The Flange Wizard Vile Repair Kit is an accessory that emphasizes the value of Flange Wizard tools - a broken vile is easily repaired keeping your professional tools in service year after year.

  • The kit includes a tube of sealant and two replacement vials.
  • To repair: remove the damaged or broken vial.
  • Do this by cutting around the sealant plug and removing all the materials from the machined hole or slot.
  • Place a small amount of sealant in the bottom of the hole or slot and install new vial.
  • Fill remainders of the hole with sealant and wipe away the excess.
  • Let sealant set up over night and your tool is ready to use again!

Frequently Asked Questions

If a tool has a damaged level vial, does it have to be returned to the factory to be repaired?
NO! We now have a Vial Repair Kit available consisting of (2) two level vials and a tube of sealant. Simply remove the damaged vial, clean out the machined hole and place a small amount of sealant on one end of the new vial. Insert the new vial with the small amount of sealant into the clean hole until it bottoms out. Fill the top void with sealant and wipe smooth. Let set for about (2) two hours, and you are good as new again!

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