Magnetic Blocks for Burning Guides

$ 47.40
SKU // MSB201

Product Overview

Magnetic Blocks for Burning Guides MSB202, MSB201 - Flange Wizard Tools

Flange Wizard Magnetic Blocks MSB201 (1 per set) and MSB202 (2 per set) are magnetic support blocks that can be attached to any standard square or straight edge (up to 1/8' thick) to form your own burning guides. The blocks are machined from aluminum and have grooves on three sides. Included are set screws to easily adjust blocks on straight edges or squares.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size cutting rails will they fit?
Any material that is no thicker than 3/16".

How strong are the magnets?
There are two magnets and each with the holding power of 60 lbs.

Can a single block be ordered?
YES! Part Number MSB201.

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