How to Set Up and Use the MIG Buddy Welding Gun Holster

Feb 01, 2016 // Tutorials // Comments

Today our good friend George is sharing his exciting new mig gun holster called the MiG Buddy. If you are a mig welder you absolutely have to check this product out!

Whether you’re a professional welder, metal fabricator, or just a weekend welding warrior, the MiG Buddy, welding gun holster, is one tool that once you use it, you will not work without it. There is nothing more frustrating than setting up your next weld to find your welding gun is in the wrong place and not ready. Then there are the mishaps that happen when the welding gun is placed on the welding table, work piece, or worse yet, the floor.

The easy solution is the MiG Buddy that allows you to keep your eyes on your work and your welding gun always ready. The holster provides a safe, stable place for your welding gun to help avoid accidents and downtime for your welding operation.

The MiG Buddy fits many welding guns from welding equipment manufacturers including Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Tweco, Hobart, MasterWeld, and many others.

Setup for the MIG Buddy

The MiG Buddy comes with the yellow holster and red insert, and parts for the universal mount.

The assembly is straight forward and the photo below shows two configurations; one without the red insert on the left and one with the insert on the right. Each configuration depends on the type of welding gun used. Full assembly instructions and an instructional video can be found on the website.

Basic Operation of the MIG Buddy - Easy Retrieval & Easy Docking

Using the MiG Buddy is easy – a one-step operation to simply drop it in the holster. And retrieval is just as easy, just lift and remove – it’s ready when you are.

The Many Ways to Use the MiG Buddy

The versatility of the MiG Buddy comes out in its mounting options. And the many ways to mount it are only limited by your imagination. You adapt it to fit your need.

Here are some of the most common ways welders are using the MiG Buddy.

Fabrication / Welding Stations – this is the perfect place for the MiG Buddy, keeping the welding gun safe and ready to go.

Welding Carts – this is a convenient place to have the MiG Buddy, no more draping it over the machine and dragging it on the floor. Plus this is a great place to hold it when you need to do welding gun maintenance.

Welding Tables / Benches – easily mounts to any welding table or bench either temporarily or permanently. Below, the MiG Buddy is mounted to a portable welding table from Stronghand Tools® using the table’s existing tapped hole.

Magswitch® Mount – the MiG Buddy becomes highly mobile, for moving around your shop or work piece, when you combine it with a Magswitch® MagSquare 165 on/off magnetic workholding square.

Standup Mount – this is another great mobility option if you need to move around your work area or shop. The MiG Buddy is mounted to an old lamp base and long threaded rod. You simply drag it where you need it.

So as you can see, the possibilities for mounting the MiG Buddy are endless and as welders find effective ways to use it, even more innovative ways will develop over time. The MiG Buddy can be an effective tool for all welders.

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