Two Hole Pin Pipe Fitting Tool

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Product Overview

Two Hole Pin Pipe Fitting Tool 42050-TM, 42050-T, 42050-TL, 42050-TXL - Flange Wizard Tools

NOTE: See the Flange Hole Diameter Reference Chart to check hole diameters for your specific flange.

42050-T (threaded) - for flanges with holes 1/2" to 1-7/16" in diameter.

42050-TL (large threaded) - is for flanges with holes up to 1-15/16" in diameter.

42050-TM (threaded - MINI) - for flanges with holes 5/16" to 63/64" in diameter. Stud has a 5/16-18" thread.

42050-TXL (extra large threaded) - is extra large and designed to be light weight for easier handling. Extensions are included to accommodate thicker flanges. Works with flange holes 5/8" to 3.0" diameter.

Learn How to Use the Two Hole Pins

  • For welders that prefer traditional flange alignment pins, Flange Wizard offers a better flange pin set.
  • Pins have double lead threads for fast set-up instead of ACME threads because they are as fast, if not faster, to screw on. More importantly, we have found that ACME threads tend to loosen easier thus don't hold job as secure as our double lead fast threads.
  • Built in levels are easily replaceable if broke.
  • All models are machined from hardened steel to make a very sturdy and lasting tool.

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