Welding Protective Gear

Welding Protective & Safety Gear

Welding is a rough job, and you need gear that's equal to the task at hand.

When you've found the right material for the job, there's no point in settling for anything less, which is why all our welding aprons, chaps, and coats are made only of Boarhide—garment-grade pigskin that offers superior protection to cattle leather, while being lightweight, cooler, and more flexible. All seams are stitched with 100% Kevlar, for maximum heat resistance and durability in reinforcing the weakest points of the garments.

Our full jackets are an investment worth the years they’ll last—lined with satin to ensure total freedom of movement, vented under the arms and in back to prevent overheating and reduce garment wear, and lined with corduroy around the collar to eliminate chafing. Our aprons and chaps are designed for full coverage with maximum freedom of movement, and they have adjustable straps to fit your body and stay in place.

Our welding gloves fully re-imagine this “basic” welding safety garment as a tool engineered for your specific needs. Our suppliers combine high-quality leathers with heat-resistant, moisture-wicking cotton and wool comfort lining, for the best combination of comfort and long-lasting protection. Fully welted Kevlar-stitched seams mean these gloves don't wear out by the time they're broken in—they'll come through for you day after day before showing any noticeable wear.

No matter what style and fit best suits your work environment, these gloves are designed with your job in mind—with pre-contoured, flexible fingers and padding where you need it most. Reinforced palms offer safer materials handling and greater longevity, heavy-duty pulse protectors provide greater wrist shielding, and substantial cuffs are excellent guards against sparks and heat. Not only geared towards safety, they'll also make your job easier—certain styles have extra-long, padded cuffs for long periods of bracing, while others have lean-on heat-shielding pads and reinforced fingers that increase the comfort of your hands and the longevity of the gloves. You won't find a better value for cost. Our welding protective gear is the best!