Goatskin Gloves

Goatskin Work Gloves

Tool Beast is proud to offer an extensive line of goatskin gloves for outdoor wear and work. Why? Because goats are tough. Goat hide is pound-for-pound one of the toughest leathers out there, providing superior resistance to puncture and abrasion while staying, soft, lightweight, and comfortable. This makes it an excellent choice for any work that puts you in the elements.

Our multi-activity goatskin gloves are a great addition to your toolbox, go-bag, or glove compartment. They're perfect for everything from spending the day in the shop to yard work, or even an afternoon on your bike. Goatskin palms and fingers are complemented by synthetic mesh on the backs that ventilate your hands for increased comfort no matter the weather, and each finger is carefully shaped for maximum sensitivity and dexterity. These are available in a variety of styles and colors, in both men’s and women’s sizes. Our cool-season model includes microfiber insulation to keep your hands cozy and flexible, and our heavy-duty pairs have reinforced palms for better grip and glove longevity.

We also offer a special line of goatskin leather gloves for the winter, combining the luxurious softness and excellent durability of goatskin on all sides with microfiber sock-lining construction that won't let you feel wind, rain, or snow all winter. These gloves have pre-contoured fingers to increase flexibility without sacrificing insulation, and our most cold-resistant models include long cuffs and partial-mitten construction for maximum heat retention.

Goatskin welding gloves provide a great deal of comfort and durability, especially when combined with tough Boarhide on the cuffs and wear points for heat and spatter resistance. These gloves provide extra functionality where you need it for TIG and plasma work, with pre-contoured fingers, patches and reinforcement at wear points, and all stitching in 100% Kevlar for heat resistance and strength that won't let you down.

No matter where you're headed when you go out your door, Tool Beast has goatskin gloves that keep you working.