Wizard Pipe Wraps

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Product Overview

Wizard Pipe Wraps WW-16, WW-17, WW-17A, WW-19 - Flange Wizard Tools

NEW Wizard Wraps are made of an incredibly durable, pliable scrim material! These wraps are super tough and resists the elements better than any wrap available!

Check out the NEW Wizard Wraps!

  • High quality edges allow for easier and more accurate pipe marking.
  • Multiple wraps are available for marking from 1" to 48" in standard sizes.
  • Larger sized pipe wraps can be customized.
  • A pipe fitters circumference and quartering scale are printed on each wrap along with a tape measure.
  • It is a high density product for heavy duty service at temperatures up to 360° F.
  • It has outstanding resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, water and sea water.
  • The edges are thick and straight for easier, more accurate marking.
  • Wizard Wraps come with a sturdy tube for storage.

Custom Wraps can also be purchased here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a wrap do I need?
5 times the diameter is a good length (this allows for overlap).

NOTE: All standard wraps are...

  • Screen printed inch increments are in 16th's.
  • Completely asbestos free.
  • Resistant to the elements better than any pipe wrap available!
  • Packaged in strong reusable tubes.

CUSTOM WRAPS can be ordered by the foot in 5-1/4" width (WW-18) or 7" width (WW-18A). Maximum length that can be purchased is 540 feet long. NOTE: Custom wraps are not screened.


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