Magnetic Tape Measure Holder

$ 18.75
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Product Overview

Magnetic Tape Measure Holder 89754 - Flange Wizard Tools

Flange Wizard's 89754 Magnetic Tape Holder has been designed with no removable parts and works with most industrial measuring tapes.

  • It is a great little magnetic pocket level and a third hand when working alone.
  • The Magnetic Tape Holder is machined from aluminum and anodized for a protective finish.
  • A strong 25 pound pull magnet set in epoxy secures the tape holder to your work.
  • There is a rare earth magnet at one end of the tool to hold your tape measure in place while measuring or doing layout work.
  • The tool size is 5/8 inch square by 4 inches long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any loose parts that can be lost?
NO! This tool was designed without any removable parts.

Can the level vial be replaced?
YES! It can be replaced out in the field with the vial repair kit.

Will it hold the measuring tape anywhere on your work?
YES! The magnet will secure the tape holder wherever you place it.

How strong are the magnets?
The small magnet holds 6 lbs. and the large magnet holds 25 lbs.

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