Piher Z Clamps

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Product Overview

Piher Z Clamps 22015 - Piher

Piher's Z Piston Clamps feature totally enclosed screw threads so you don't have to worry about infiltration of glue, dust or arc spatter. Although they are not double-threaded like Piher's Maxipress line of clamps, they still generate a very impressive amount of pressure for a modestly sized, easy-to-handle clamp—up to 900 pounds. The bars are made of zinc coated steel, and the handles are made from solid beech.


  • Generates up to 900 lbs of pressure
  • Clamp foot on movable jaw pivots for angled work
  • Zinc coated bar
  • Trapezoidal threaded screw (Acme style)
  • 2.8" Throat Depth
  • Strong break system on lower moving jaw

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