Piher Maxipress Piston Clamps - Style R

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Product Overview

Piher Maxipress Piston Clamps - Style R 61030, 61040 - Piher

Piher's Maxipress R-Style Piston Clamps feature dual-threaded screw mechanisms that multiply both clamping speed and force. The threads are split into upper and lower sections, both of which are completely encased in a metal cylinder: the ''piston.'' The two screws are threaded opposite one another, and work together to close the clamp 50% faster than ordinary clamps. They also generate 40% more force—up to an incredible 2,250 pounds. In addition, the clamp foot advances like a piston—without spinning—so any twisting forces that could cause misalignment or marring are minimized.


  • Clamp foot advances without rotating, minimizing any twisting torque that could cause misalignment or marring
  • Totally enclosed threads keep out weld spatter, dust, glue and protects the threads from impact or arc strikes
  • Grease port allows you to lubricate the screw threads when necessary
  • Handle swivels 90° in either direction and locks into place for additional leverage. Use it in the in-line position where space is restricted
  • Grooved jaw heads let you clamp tubular items and other profiles
  • Spring-assisted brake prevents the movable jaw from sliding open, even without clamping force
  • Heavy-duty cold rolled steel bar provides incredible beam strength and maximum durability
    • 1.6" x 0.4" x Length
  • Throat depth 6"
  • Max Pressure 2,250 lbs

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