Multi-Purpose Chariot Cutting Guide

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Product Overview

Multi-Purpose Chariot Cutting Guide 24219 - Flange Wizard Tools

The 24219 Chariot Cutting Guide is a must for every tradesmen who uses a conventional cutting torch.

Learn How to Use the Chariot Cutting Guide

  • It will cut circles up to 39" in diameter.
  • It can cut holes as small as 5/8" when used without the axles.
  • It can bevel circles up to 36" in diameter.
  • The versatile Chariot Guide cuts straight lines, bevels, irregular shapes and circles.
  • The universal bushing adapts to any standard oxy-fuel torch tip. 15-1/2" extension (p/n 3311-EX) is available for larger circle.
  • The versatility allows the tool to be re-assembled into a variety of practical torch guide combinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my conventional torch?
YES! It fits all torches.

Will it fit my plasma torch?
NO! We have Plasma Guides (part number 30061 and PG-601)

What size holes will it cut?
5/8" to 39" diameter NOTE: smaller holes (5/8 to 4") can be cut when wheel assembly is removed.

Is an extension available?
Yes. Part number 3311-EX adds 15" to circle diameter (66" diameter).

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