FeatherPRO Replacement Feathers – Ultralight

Brand: BOW Products


$ 14.99

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Ultralight FeatherPRO Replacement Feathers

Replacement feathers are used exclusively with Bow Featherboards. Two models are available.

Standard Replacement Feathers:

  • Comes Standard on the FeatherDUO
  • Greater sensitivity feedback on applied pressure
  • Ideal for small pieces and soft woods
  • Ideal for applications where you want fine pressure control on delicate cuts
  • High Density Foam feathers provide a firm yet smooth feed
  • Hinged feathers provide unmatched protection against kickback
  • High Density Foam feathers will not harm carbide tip cutters if contacted
  • Replaceable if damaged
  • Interchangeable: Use Standards or Ultralight Feathers in the FeatherPRO
  • Feathers easily press into FeatherPRO featherboards
  • Reversible for left and right feeds

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