FeatherDUO Stackable Featherboard Kit

$ 59.99
SKU // FP3

Product Overview

FeatherDUO Stackable Featherboard Kit FP3 - BOW Products

FeatherDUO Double Stack Featherboard from BOW Products

Featuring all the breakthrough benefits of the FeatherPRO featherboard, FeatherDUO offers the same benefits in a raised platform.

FeatherDUO Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for feeding taller material on table saws, band saws and router tables
  • High Density Foam feathers provide a firm yet smooth feed
  • Hinged feathers provide unmatched protection against kickback
  • High Density Foam feathers will not harm carbide tip cutters if contacted
  • Includes hardware to use as two separate featherboards
  • Includes two standard replacement feathers as a bonus
  • Hardware fits ¾ miter track; also Includes ¼*20 T slot hardware

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