Auto-Pro 12" Dog Bracket

$ 34.99
SKU // PBB-12

Product Overview

Auto-Pro 12" Dog Bracket PBB-12 - Armor Tool

Armor Auto-Pro Dog Brackets are a perfect way to add the versatility of Armor Auto-Pro Dog Clamps to your Peg Table or workbench. Auto-Pro Dog Brackets contain Dog Holes that accommodate Armor Auto-Pro Dog Clamps. Mount Auto-Pro Dog Brackets to any Peg Table or work surface to extend the clamping range and capability. Mount accordingly to accommodate horizontal or vertical applications.

Ideal for use with Armors Patented Auto-Pro Horizontal Dog Clamps and In-Line Dog Clamps. Add Armor Auto-Pro Dog Brackets, Dog Fences and Dog Clamps to your clamp collection.

Armor Tool PBB-12 Features

Hard anodized colored aluminum extrusion.

Requires seven #8 wood screws to mount.

Contains six 3/4″ Dog Holes.

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